(Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CCSL?

The Central Coast Soccer League (CCSL) a league of play in Cal South's District 7.  Currently, CCSL provides the local fall gaming circuit for teams U10 - U18 from Paso Robles to Santa Ynez, providing competitive league play from September to November with a 10 game minimum.

Who can play in the CCSL ?

The CCSL is open to boys and girls competitive club teams from U10-U19. All teams must be registered through Cal South registered.

What are the benefits of playing in the CCSL?

The goal of the CCSL is to provide a high quality playing circuit, without requiring families to make an unreasonable commitment of time and money each weekend. There are four major benefits that we provide our member teams which we believe make our league the best to play for in Cal South. Those benefits are:

  • Reasonable travel requirements
  • Evening & Weekend games
  • Competitive Seeding
  • Lower costs than other leagues.

Reasonable travel requirements

The driving distance from one edge of the CCSL playing area to the other can be three hours long. Currently, CCSL will hold games from Paso Robles to Solvang, Lompoc, Santa Ynez. Currently the board is working to incorporate more teams from Kern County, Ventura County, & Monterey County, which could expand travel.
Evening & Weekend Games

Depending on field availability, CCSL will be working to schedule as many games possible for each age group. Requests from Club Liaison's have been made to try and expand games from the traditional Friday Night and Saturday Only to include other week nights and Sundays. This will be reviewed and considered after the registration deadline.

Competitive Seeding

Teams will be bracketed to their current 2009/2010 age group. However, should a team feel they are qualified to play up, they may submit the Request to Play Up Application by July 10th to the appropriate boys/girls director on the CCSL Board.

Lower costs than other leagues

The league fees for 2009 are $100/team with an additional $150 bond. The league fees cover the organization, administration and promotion of the league. The bond is held to cover referee fees when a team fails to show up to play. At the end of each season that bond, assuming there are no charges against it will either be refunded or rolled over to the following year, upon written request.

    The fees do not cover:

  • Referee fees for league games. The total cost of the ref fees is split between the two teams playing the game. Referee fees are determined each year by our contract with the local referee association.
  • Field fees for games. Fees are determined by the City Parks/Rec Departments and School Districts and vary from city to city.  Contact your club field person to find out what the cost is in your local area.

How do I sign my team up?

For added convenience, you may sign up through your Cal South team account with you log in username and password, this can be provided by your club registrar. 

What does my team need to provide to join the CCSL?

  • Two Contracts (An E-licensed Head Coach and a Team Manager)
  • A registration fee of $100
  • A bond of $150 (refundable, upon written request, at the end of the season if no charges are made against the bond or it may be carried over to the next season)  
  • Access to a home field. (Days of availability & hours of availability required)

Where can I ask more questions?

If you have more questions, email any of the  league board members. Please see the CCSL website for Contracts and more information: www.ccslsoccer.org. It is best to start with your boys/girls director.